Construction Industry: The Next Big Thing

CONCRETE Stone Corp. (CSC) was established in April 2018 with the goal of being the premier construction solutions provider and reliable partner in the local industry.

It takes pride in a wide array of quality products of the following: gravel 1, gravel ¾, gravel 3/8, washed sand, armor rocks, boulders and pre-cast.

In the past years, CSC has become one of the leading and largest distributors of aggregates in the country. Driven by its goal, the company has formulated an intensive network of logistics to cater to nationwide transactions. It is also strategizing to pierce through the international market with its quality products.

With its product extension, CSC is currently tackling the cement and steel industry and will eventually cover all construction essentials.

One can become CSC’s partner toward a sustainable infrastructure. To know more about the company, visit For inquiries, call 0917 175 4525 (Luzon), 0917 866 0163 (Visayas) or 0905 484 2687 (Mindanao). (Sponsored Content)

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