Building and construction industry will be ‘close to collapse’ without govt

Master Builders Australia Chief Executive Denita Wawn says the building and construction industry will be on the verge of collapse if the government doesn’t step in with a housing stimulus package.

Ms Wawn said the industry needed a new home buyer grant of $40,000, a renovations grant of at least $20,000 and flexibility on the award until the end of the year.

“There is a decline in work by around 40 per cent that will start hitting us around September and will impact up to a third of workers in our industry,” she said.

“That’s 450,000 workers, which would be close to industry collapse.

“This is all about saving jobs, not just in the building and construction industry, but throughout the whole supply chain.

“One job in our sector creates four jobs more in the economy and it is critical that we keep the second largest industry working.”

The CFMEU has pushed back against the calls, saying it will not stand by and let the pandemic be an excuse to cut wages and conditions.

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