Real estate developers unveil strategy to counter labour shortage post-lockdown

Real estate developers are facing acute labour shortage post-lockdown as construction and other industry labourers have migrated to their native places during the lockdown. But, to continue construction work and ensure timely possession, developers have started to adopt strategies that can help them counter the labour crisis. Rotation of labourers in multiple projects, training them, giving extra payment for extra working hours are some of the strategies that real estate developers are adopting to overcome the crisis.

Speaking on these strategies that developers are adopting, Kushagr Ansal, President at CREDAI — Haryana chapter said, “The government had envisioned housing for all by 2022, but labor shortage has become an acute obstacle in accomplishment of this vision. The lockdown worsened the situation for every sector, by bringing everything to a complete halt. Large scale migration of workers due to job loss was its most grim outcome. Now that unlocking of metros and towns has begun, the new framework for realty development needs its most important pillar in full force i.e. the workers and labourers. Strategies to overcome are merely based on the principles of forming alternatives and making compromises. Rotation of labor in multiple projects can be done to fill in space for missing ones, local labour can be skilled in better ways and accustomed for working more than usual.”

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Batting for skilling, Yash Miglani, MD at Migsun Group said, “One such strategy could be skilling of existing laborers present locally. The skilling process must be planned out in such a way that multi-tasking can be inculcated in the workers present at the construction sites.  This will help in eradicating the dependency issues, due to some labour who has migrated back to their villages. Extra-working hours can also prove helpful, it will give them additional wages but keeping in consideration the health of workers.”

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