5 at 5: Your Daily Digest for Real Estate Investing, 06/29/2020

In Today’s News

Pending Home Sales Make Record Rebound in May

Residential real estate sales are staging what the National Association of Realtors says is a “spectacular recovery” after notching May pending sales numbers unlike any seen since the trade group’s tracking index was launched in 2001.

Virtual Apartment Showings Are Here to Stay

While in-person viewings are still the most popular way to show off a rental, virtual showings are here to stay after becoming a pandemic imperative.

Coronavirus Cuts into Homeownership, Boosts Rentals’ Resiliency

This report predicts a continued resiliency in the rental market because, quite simply, incomes hard-hit by the pandemic recession won’t recover for a few years. And that puts a hit on homebuying.

Today on Millionacres

Neighborhood Homes Investment Act Proposed in U.S. Senate

Could another tax incentive for investing in distressed areas be on the way? Engaged real estate investors might want to keep track of a new Senate bill that matches an existing House proposal, especially since both have bipartisan support.

A Master Bedroom by Any Other Name?

Time to be woke where you wake? That’s the question some Realtors associations are taking on as they drop “master bedroom” from their listings. Millionacres’ Liz Brumer gets you up to speed on their reasoning and the term’s history.

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