IT Market in Real Estate Market Growth and Demand 2020 Global Industry

The “IT Market in Real Estate Market” report covers the overview of the market and presents the information on business development, market size, and share scenario. The report also emphasizes on the growth prospects of the global IT Market in Real Estate market for the period 2020-2024. The report covers market characteristics for each segmentation across the key regions and country and traces the historic and forecast analysis of the industry. The report covers key vendors their revenue, breakdown by regions, and product demand. Other key details include volume, installed capacity, value chain.

Increased funding has been fueling the growth and bringing startups and small-sized organizations to scale. The market studied is expected to be consolidated with acquisitions and mergers of new market entrants by market incumbents to remain competitive. This is expected to drive the formation and growth of the real estate technology landscape.

Scope of the Report:

Risk mitigation is an essential part of the way Big Data is transforming real estate. Open data across the internet and a variety of Big Data tools added strong force for analysis in the decision making of choosing the right property or home. It equipped customers with valuable information by extracting the data and cross-analyzing it. Big real estate agencies such as Realtor, are pioneering those tools and provide an estimated forecast of the property value from 1 to 10 years. Additionally, they provide information about the neighborhood trends, estimate mortgage payment, cost of ownership, history of the property and current value. The calculation is based on a variety of public data records, market information, user data points by using Big Data analysis formula developed in-house.

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Key Market Trends:

Cloud Type of Deployment to Account for Significant Share

Digital transformation has created a growing demand for connectivity. The explosion of big data with the Internet of Things (IoT), and constant technology innovations to efficiently manage the complex real estate portfolio require simply connected IT solutions.•Deployment of these solutions on-premise requires different servers to be purchased for a different solution, which not only adds to the redundancy, but also leads to the requirement of additional employment, which further increases the cost-to-completion of the project.
Thus, with a cloud-based solution, such as SAP Cloud for Real Estate, facility managers and lease administrators can manage real estate lease agreements, with all payment and valuation postings being recorded in real time within SAP S/4HANA, providing real estate vendors with a holistic solution to manage operations without additional infrastructure and employment…

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