Mary Details The Pandemic Impact on Real Estate Market

Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald explained the pandemic has changed the current real estate market and how it’s affected her success.

Mary Fitzgerald has still been selling homes amid the ongoing pandemic. But, a lot has changed. The Selling Sunset star spoke exclusively with Screen Rant and shared how the international health crisis has impacted the real estate market.

The agents at The Oppenheim Group are real hard working people. While many assumed Netflix cast paid actors to star on the hit reality show, the agents at the West Hollywood-based firm have all confirmed how real their real estate careers are. Mary has been working as a real estate agent for years and has sold homes at firms in New York and London before staking her claim in LA. On the show, she stands out among her peers as one of the top performing agents that brings in high-valued property transactions. While Christine Quinn has accused Mary of being a favorite of Jason and Brett Oppenheim, the veteran realtor has proven her worth through her hard work and dedication.

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