Roofstock Review 2021: Everything Real Estate Investors Should Know 

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Our Take: Roofstock is an online rental property marketplace where real estate investors can buy and sell properties on a global network. The platform removes the inconvenience of showing properties and disrupting tenants’ lives throughout the selling, buying and closing processes.

In addition to private investors, institutions and larger investors can buy, sell and manage rental properties on Roofstock. Whether an individual or corporation, Roofstock provides investors with a comprehensive real estate market solution on a single platform.

  • Customer Support

  • Listing Selling/Process

  • Fees

  • Buying Process

How did we calculate this?


  • No property showings to disrupt tenants
  • Network of global listings and investors
  • Low seller fees compared to traditional mortgage brokerage
  • Earn rental income immediately after closing


  • No mobile app
  • To invest using a self-directed IRA, investors must open an account with a third party (New Direction Trust Company)
  • Not all U.S. states are not represented on the Roofstock marketplace

What Is Roofstock?

Roofstock is a real estate investment marketplace that aims to make the real estate investment process simple, cost-effective and accessible for investors. Serving investors worldwide, Roofstock’s platform is available to first-time investors as well as global asset managers. Roofstock helps investors reach their goals with innovative technology and three service platforms:

Roofstock Services

  • Roofstock Marketplace. An online marketplace for investment property and portfolio buyers and sellers.
  • Roofstock One. Investors own whole or fractional shares of fully-managed investment properties.
  • Roofstock Platform Services. A comprehensive solution for large investors to build or scale their real estate portfolios.

Single-Family Rental Market

Roofstock’s marketing strategy rests in the single-family rental, or SFR, market, which has proven to produce strong, stable cash flows for investors over many economic cycles. Some benefits of investing in the SFR market with Roofstock include:

  • SFR properties have elements of appreciation potential and income potential.
  • SFR returns are similar to the stock market but are less…

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