‘The House My Wedding Bought’ on Balancing Marriage and a Mortgage

As the recent reality TV show “Marriage or Mortgage” made clear, cash-strapped couples who hope to throw a huge wedding and buy a nice house often can’t do both at once.

Or can they? A new reality TV show, “The House My Wedding Bought,” proves it is  possible—if you pick the right house.

In this Discovery+ series, designer and real estate expert Breegan Jane helps couples balance their budget so there’s enough money to purchase property while also walking down the aisle. In the series premiere, “Party or Entertaining,” she meets Ray and Allison—an Austin, TX, couple who have $60,000 to spend.

While Allison wants to have an intimate wedding and save most of their money for a down payment, Ray wants to throw an epic event his 150 guests will never forget.

The compromise? Invest in a house that’s made for entertaining—that way, Ray can celebrate with his friends not just on his wedding day, but also well into the future.

To find the perfect party space, Jane takes the couple to tour three very different houses. Find out which property they pick, what renovations they require (and are worth the investment), and how much money they have left over to walk down the aisle in style.

Light colors can modernize a kitchen

The living room in house No. 1 is great, but the kitchen is a little dark.


The first house Jane, Ray, and Allison visit has four bedrooms, three baths, tall ceilings, and plenty of space for entertaining. Ray loves the large living room, but Allison is worried about the kitchen.

“Those counters don’t match that backsplash, and the cabinets are dark,” Allison says when she first sees the space.

Jane explains that updating the kitchen with lighter features would cost about $7,000, but she makes some style suggestions.

Lightening the kitchen will make this space fit Allison’s style.


“This, to me, with the height of the ceilings, is screaming tuxedo kitchen,” Jane says. “I would keep a dark lower, maybe more in a gray tonality; brighten up the top with the whites, which will really add height to this whole thing; change out the backsplash. You’re going to get the complete modern feel.”

And as thrifty Allison points out, making these changes will surely increase the value of the home.

Change your flooring before you move in

This carpet may be comfortable, but it gets dirty easily.


House No. 1 has a great floor plan for entertaining, but Allison hates the actual floor. There’s carpet in the bedrooms, and Allison emphasizes how much she hates carpet.

“It gets so dirty,” she says.

Jane points out that the carpet could be easily switched out for hardwood floors for about $3,000. Jane also points out that Allison and Ray will want to do this update before moving in. After all, tearing up carpet is much harder to do when furniture needs to be moved first.

The take-home lesson? Some…

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