Study: $1,702 Collected in Property Taxes Per Capita in Iowa

(The Center Square) Property tax revenues collected per capita in Iowa amounted to $1,702 in Fiscal Year 2018, the 15th highest level among the 50 states, according to a new Tax Foundation analysis.

Fiscal Year 2018 was the most recent year that such data was available, the foundation reported. Property tax collections made up 31.1 percent of the total state and local taxes and nearly 72 percent of local tax collections across the nation, according to the analysis.

Nationwide, the average amount of property taxes collected per capita was $1,675, the study said, though the amount collected can vary significantly from state to state.


Urban and higher-income areas generally pay higher property taxes, according to the Tax Foundation. The revenues fund local government services such as public education, roadways, public safety personnel, and medical services.

New Jersey, New Hampshire (which does not have an individual income tax or sales tax), Connecticut, and New York make the top four with over $3000 collected per capita. Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Alabama make the bottom four with under $800 collected per capita.

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